Watches & Pocket

The first prototype of a quartz wrist watch was developed in the Swiss CEH laboratories in 1962. The first model in commercial production was the Seiko 35 SQ Astron, in 1969 which results so be the first quartz wrist watch
sold worldwide.

Arts & Antiquities

The expression contemporary art refers to the set of movements and artistic trends that arose in the period after the second war worldwide, even if this periodization does not it is always (or can be) strictly respected.

Distillery & Wine

From a technical point of view, distillates are part so-called spirit drinks or drinks alcoholic with organoleptic characteristics details and a minimum alcoholic strength of 15% vol.

Magic The Gathering & Toys

From the initial concept, Mattel finally produced the Masters of the Universe line in 1981. The two main characters would have been He-Man "the most powerful man in the universe" and his nemesis the skull-faced sorcerer Skeletor.