Valinch & Mallet 18


Brand: Valinch & Mallet
Distillation year: 1997
Bottling year: 2016
Typology: Whisky
Condition: Perfect (new warehouse stock)
Volume: 70cl
Box: Not present
Number: 124/153


It is an ex-bourbon single cask selected by Valinch & Mallet. It has a warm, brioche and broad-shouldered maltosity, which however leaves itself beautifully counterpointed by woody / spicy aromas (warm wood, cinnamon and orange peel for infusions, herbs in maceration like vermouth) equally deep. Very inviting yellow fruit, with pears passed in butter and peaches poached in vanilla ice cream; then honey drowned in itself and white chocolate. There is also a pit of very ripe and sour tropical fruit, almost fermented (maracuja).

Series numbered bottle code 124 of 153.