Magic Purple Spray #80


Brand: Can Reload
Code: #80
Year: 2020
Typology: Spray Arts
Material: Spray can, acrylic paint.
Dimensions: 6,5 cm x 6,5 cm x 20 cm


"You Can Reload" - Refilled cans The idea the concept is what everyone can to be reborn, even if our external part does not changes or changes slightly is ours inner part that evolves to become something wonderful, fantastic, like these paint cans that often do not empty have more value. For this reason, Can Reload transforms empty cans into unique objects in the world.

Most of the cans used they come from the train depots, from the yards all over europe (so you may have a work made with a can used by Banksy, 1UP Crew, WCA and many others); the other cans they come from works on legal walls.

Sometimes it is dangerous to go and recover cans, but think about transforming these empty and unused cans in something again and colorful it gives the necessary energy for recovery.