1. Sales Service
Specialized in the sale of our products (based on availability and inventories).

2. Third Party Sales
Activity that consists in entrusting our company with products in order to put them on sale.
The product will be paid only upon its actual sale and upon receipt of payment by the buyer.
Our company will retain a percentage of sales that varies from product to product.

3. Sell Your Products
Our company is interested in purchasing customers' products.
The sum paid will be calculated after a careful analysis of the product by our experts and on the basis of the market price as well as its maintenance conditions and the original packaging.

4. Valuation
Our experts are able to make accurate and detailed evaluations of your products without however making a gradation.
You will be issued with a certificate that will allow you to sell your products at their real value, thus maximizing profits.

5. Secure Storage
We provide customers with safes deposited in a h24 supervised caveau to better preserve and protect your products at a periodic maintenance cost based on your needs.

6. Restitution
In the event of a product damaged or not in accordance with your expectations, we offer a product return clause for a maximum period of 14 days from the purchase in according to Swiss law.

7. Investments
In the last few years, the medium-long term investment of capital in collectible objects has become increasingly popular. We offer our many years of experience as specialized operators who can assist collectors and investors who intend to direct their attention towards this type of goods, providing both advice for the determination of the correct market price and the management of all the phases that follow purchase such as, for example, conservation to preserve the value of your investment over time.


1. Creation of websites, portals and e-commerce

2. Manteinance of websites, portals and e-commerce
We offer three types of packages to customers:

  • Basic
    • domain
    • web space
    • 5 email addresses
    • basic updates
    • telephone support
  • Pro
    • domain
    • web space
    • 15 email addresses
    • basic updates
    • google basic
    • telephone support
  • Full
    • domain
    • unlimited web space
    • unlimited email addresses
    • advanced updates
    • google advanced
    • telephone support

3. Management of online advertising campaigns
Google Indexing
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads

4. Social Media Marketing
Management of company profiles and pages of the main social channels.

5. Management Communication
We are able to study strategies for the complete management of online communication of companies, declining it on different platforms with the use of specific techniques, languages ​​and tools.


It is a signed and witnessed document confirming the authenticity of the work and containing details about a work of art for the collector's reference.

Our company carries out appraisals, evaluations and verification of collectibles. The certificates of authenticity and provenance are intended to protect buyers and ensure correct functioning of the art market. To have a guarantee of product suitability exist rules governing training, circulation and validity applicable regardless of the fact that the works of art and / or collectibles are ancient, modern or contemporary.