Nikka Rare Super


Brand: Nikka
Year: 1972
Typology: Whisky
Condition: Perfect (new warehouse stock)
Volume: 70cl
Kit: Original Box


One of the Nikka classics, the Super was launched on the market in 1962 making an immediate impression thanks to its particular taste, given by the high percentage of barley malt and its robustness, obtained from the aging in barrels that previously contained Sherry. The ideal glass to taste this wonder is the tulip, which thanks to the narrower upper opening than the body, is able to concentrate the scents in a limited area, so as not to lose even a shade. Rarity, authenticity and attention to quality remain the cornerstones of the famous distillery, which has never missed a beat since its inception.

Deep amber yellow color with mahogany reflections, the nose has rich and tasty aromas of quince and ripe pear, along with spicy notes of vanilla and cloves and chocolate puffs. The tasting is soft, balanced and round, with all the elements in perfect harmony with each other, towards a long and pleasant finish of caramel and slightly smoky tones.