Linkwood 1974


Brand: Linkwood
Distillation year: 1974
Bottling year: 2000
Typology: Whisky
Condition: Perfect (new warehouse stock)
Volume: 70cl
Kit: Original Box
Number: 471/715


It is a very complex and balanced whiskey. It has besides maritime and purely smoky elements - almost all the characteristics that a whiskey can have. They work together very well. This must be old Linkwood, and still with enough influence on wood. It is quite nutty and earthy, although the floral and fruity side has not vanished from it. Chestnut puree, walnut peel, varnish for wood, sandalwood, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon. Also: cola cubes (oddly), pineapple, lychee, vanilla custard. There may be a trace of smoke. Medium-bodied, with a good balance between sweet and sour. It is certainly more fruity on the palate than the nose, with orange and mango becoming evident alongside the pineapple. Behind it is this beautiful complexity of mixed flowers, malt, spices and nuts.