Lagavulin Distillers Edition 2019


Brand: Lagavulin
Distillation year: 2002
Bottling Year: 2018
Typology: Whisky
Condition: Perfect (new warehouse stock)
Volume: 70cl
Kit: Original Box


The Single Malt Distillers Edition Lagavulin is a classic Whiskey from the island of Islay, characterized by the typical peaty notes that mark its aromatic profile in an unmistakable way. It is a distillate with a strong personality, which thanks to a long aging in oak barrels and a final passage in Sherry barrels, acquires a soft and persuasive face, with complex, rich and deep aromas, which soften the classic slightly smoked background peaty Whiskeys.

Whiskey Single Malt Distillers Edition is produced by the famous Lagavulin Distillery on the island of Islay, off the west coast of Scotland. The prestige of Lagavulin labels comes from high quality raw materials and accurate manufacturing processes. The malt comes from Port Ellen and undergoes a very slow processing and fermentation, while the water comes directly from the pure sources of Solum Lochs. The double distillation process takes place very slowly, with copper stills, two of which still with the traditional pear shape, true witnesses of the ancient art of artisanal distillation. At the end of the double distillation, the Whiskey ages for 16 years in oak barrels and completes its aging process with a passage in barrels previously used to age the wine of Jerez Pedro Ximénez. Andalusian woods give the distillate elegant and intense aromas and aromas which enrich the Whiskey bouquet.

The Distillers Edition Whiskey Single Malt is a label intended for lovers of peaty, complex and deep Whiskeys. In the glass it has an amber color with bright golden reflections. The nose is characterized by slightly smoky notes, yellow fruit aromas, iodine and marine sensations. The entrance to the palate is harmonious, rich and wide, with the characteristic peaty aroma, which elegantly blends with fruity aromas, spicy sensations and almost brackish marine notes.