Lagavulin 16


Brand: Lagavulin
Year: Not specified
Typology: Whisky
Condition: Perfect (new warehouse stock)
Volume: 70cl
Kit: Original Box


This Whiskey Single Malt is one of the 6 Scottish Classic Malts (classification of a selection of whiskeys launched on the market in 1988 by the United Distillers and Vintners), characterized by the intense peat aromas that smoking and water give it during the process of distillation and aging. Fundamental are the attention and time that are used for the production of this whiskey, care focused on giving it the softness and fullness that we will then find in the glass, particular notes that will distinguish it from the most sought after and fragrant. Bright gold color, it releases intense smoky sensations of peat, dried flowers, brackish and iodized notes, malt, candied fruit and caramel; hints that perfectly reproduce the taste, where the initial warmth softens with the sweetness to end on a long almost saline closure.