Hart Brothers 15


Brand: Hart Brothers
Distillation year: 1991
Bottling year: 2006
Typology: Whisky
Condition: Perfect (new warehouse stock)
Volume: 70cl
Kit: Original Box


Hart Brothers can be traced back to its origins in licensed trade until the late 19th century, when the family was victorious and licensed publicists in Paisley, the mill town on the outskirts of Glasgow. However, it wasn't until 1964 that the brothers Iain and Donald Hart incorporated the company as wine and spirits wholesalers and Scotch whiskey blenders.

Alistair joined the company in 1975 and it is his responsibility as a primary blender to procure vintage single malt whiskey barrels that are not readily available in any specialist whiskey store or online whiskey sites. These rare malt whiskeys have further matured and are selected only for single-barrel bottling after careful tasting and consideration of the whiskey. To make sure our customers can share this single experience of malt scotch whiskey with us, Hart Brothers adds nothing but malt whiskey except the purest water.