1. What payments are accepted?
Bank transfer
All transactions are encrypted through an advanced encryption technology.
You can request assistance in the event of suspicious activity, identity theft or phishing.

2. What shipments are accepted?
TNT and UPS. Every shipment comes performed within 5 working days of receipt of payment and order confirmation. Possible hand delivery live at our delivery center previous appointment.

3. I would like to buy a product but first I would like to check the conditions, is it possible?
There is the possibility of making an appointment in order to check the condition of the objects which are kept in a "secure vault".
We have to always organize the meeting with 7 days working in advance.

4. Online Product Conditions
Each product: watches, motus, trading cards, art and distillates have a specific gradation very precise on the condition of the object for sale.

Grade 10/10 - Never worn / never used / NOS (new warehouse)
Grade 9 - 8/10 - Excellent / Very little used (second-hand, signs of wear absent or barely visible)
Grade 7/10 - Good / Fair / Very little used (signs of wear or scarcely visible or visible scratches)
Grade 6 - 5/10 - Satisfactory / Used (signs of wear or visible scratches)
Grade 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0/10 Defective / Very Used (signs of wear, evident scratches box openings)

5. Can I block the object or keep it confidential?
We have entered this option for our best clients; sending 10% of the amount of the goods to you it is the possibility of "freezing" the good for 14 days. Then it will be appropriate to conclude the transaction by sending the remainder of the total 90% or renounce the asset by recovering the amount pre-paid 10% commission free.

6. Warranty
Whether a product is damaged or not possesses the promised qualities, for two years the buyer can assert his warranty claim. Swiss law provides for the termination of the contract (art. 208 CO) or compensation for the lower value of the purchased item (art. 205 CO). By contract it is possible to agree on an additional right or replacement (elimination of defects).